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The DR is one the few countries in the Western world which still officially outlaws the abortion holocaust. We are conducting an educational campaign to help make people aware of why it is important to protect life in the womb.


One picture is worth a thousand words. We use various videos to educate citizens about the importance of protecting life. The videos have produced instant conversions to the pro-life cause and have been used to save countless lives.

Through much prayer and effort, we have shown these stirring videos on many national TV programs here in the Dominican Republic, with a potential viewing audience of millions of people! We meet with leaders of churches of all denominations in different cities who then take the message of life to their congregations and communities.

Thousands of people from across the world have seen these videos on line. We present these videos on line through the cooperation of other organizations. The response from around the world has been tremendous. Hundreds of people have written us from across the world, thanking us for sharing.

We have received letters from such places as Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Nigeria, Ghana, Austria, and Uganda, from people who have seen these videos online.

To view one of the powerful pro-life videos, "Choice Blues"  click right HERE TO SEE the video. WARNING: not intended for viewing by children under 18 years of age. This video contains very disturbing graphic footage of what abortion does to pre born humans.

From our mailbox . . .

"We are praying God will give you and all pro-lifers success there. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to life. May God watch over you all and protect you!" from Virginia

"Es importante que las personas sepan que es en realidad un aborto. Cuando se escucha la palabra 'Aborto', la impresión no es la misma que si se es testigo de un aborto. Es necesario difundirlo por los medios que sean necesarios crear conciencia. Dios les bendiga." Lorea desde Mexico

"It's important that people know what an abortion really is. When one hears the word "abortion" the impression is not the same as when one is a witness. This info needs to be spread by all means necessary to create awareness. God bless you." Lorea from Mexico


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